is one dude who designs shit stuff for shit people

All of this stuff is arbitrary bullshit made for absolutely no reason except that I want to make it. It’s design against humanity. I want to make people’s lives just that little bit more difficult. If you want to know the reason for making this shit, I guess you can just

the manifesto

all designs abide strictly to the 10 principles for shit design
  • good design is anodised, beadblasted aluminium
  • good design is cheaper on Alibaba
  • good design is made in The USA China
  • good design comes with a U2 album
  • good design is the same design as 6 years ago
  • good design takes 4 hours 20 minutes to sketch
  • good design is 3d-printed
  • good design is pill-shaped and speckled
  • good design is white and male
  • good design has a red dot award